Discrimination Reporting Form

Have you been discriminated against based on your sexual orientation or gender identity?  Has someone used his or her religious beliefs as a basis for turning you away from a business or denying you service at a federal, state, or local government agency?

1. If so, tell us what happened, when it happened, and who specifically was involved.  For example, say the event happened in X city.  But be even more specific and let us know if it was the county clerk, the name of the business, or the Social Security Administration, as examples. 

2. Include your EMAIL ADDRESS.  If you would also like to provide your phone number, that is fine, too.  But definitely include your email address.

In some cases, we MAY be able to help you find legal resources and in others we MAY be able to help you advocate with the discriminating party to resolve the situation.  Thank you for coming forward to report your incident.

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    Discrimination Reporting Form
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    this is the pictures of the “dear cam”and my front door where it is pointed . I have filed a complaint with the equal housing athourity and now we have been served eviction notice . trust me we would love to move but we cant afford it. Due to the extreem emotional stress i have been under i lost my job and things are really tight I have been searching for help on this for 2 momonths now. I need advice on every level is there anyone that can help us please???
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    Discrimination Reporting Form
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    march and april of 2017 my wife and I were homeless and needed someplace to go.(we went to sethra and qualified for a one time grant that had to be verified by a city official stating that we were in fact homeless) and moved into the mobile home were in on ​ (4/19/2017). Once my neighbors found out that we’re gay it’s been one complaint after another. We have been threatened on a weekly basis from the owner and iied on from the neighbors (supposedly.) We have been accused of heavy traffic(once even of having truck loads of men here all thru the night) which is not accurate and Again yesterday (5/24/2017) we were stopped by the owner who just happened to be waiting in our driveway with the neighbors outside watching and listening and she told us that we are not allowed to have company at our house. When i told her we don’t and besides nowhere in ​any ​contract i’ve ever signed does it say that we agree to never have company since that would be absurd. She said that were already in violation of our contract through sethra for having my terminally ill grandfather here. We are not in a contract with sethra. I feel we’re being bullied and harassed due to our domestic preference . Since then she (landlord) has installed a surveillance camera and it is only directed on our mobile home and driveway (photo’s included). My landlord says she can evict us on a 10 days notice because we’re on a month to month lease. I’ve never been in or involved in a a direct hate crime before and I’ve never been discriminated/harassed because of my domestic preference so this is all new to me. I have done some research and included it in this letter, but I am open to any advise. Please tell me what our rights are and what we can do. Sincerely, Sherrie and Sherrie 423-486-4420 423-223-6912 sherries7471@gmail.com

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